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Moda! It means “fashion.” Moda is something that we Italians have in our DNA. Fashion is a mood, something we don’t learn, but rather know. Dolce & Vivace gets this . . . and is all about this! D&V is the first-ever e-shop to sell artisanal eco-fashion, accessories and more direct from Italy to US, so fashionistas outside of Italy can experience the sweet vibrant life, too!

D&V creates an online shopping experience that is inspired and unforgettable—and you don’t need to know a word of Italian. You will instantly understand the language of fashion, which is universal, kind of like a smile. Fashion is a way to give a dream to people. It’s a powerful way to communicate to the entire world because the impact of an image is immediate and undeniable.

D&V was created by a woman who herself had a big dream, a dream for the planet. Vivian Daniels’ company was born from a burning desire to bring unique, high quality, cruelty-free and ecologically sustainable “Made in Italy” fashion apparel, accessories and lifestyle products to the North American market. Every one of D&V’s products are beautifully crafted and ethically made by artisans working in Italy. Many of the items are made from upcycled materials, so you can wear that dress or carry that handbag knowing that you’re creating less waste and keeping trash out of landfills.

But …. the Moda! Ah! You won’t find items like this anywhere! D&V searched the country to find new designers from Italy, new style, new energy, new blood, new inspiration. And every designer shares D&V’s humane vision of fashion grounded in the ethical, cruelty-free treatment of everyone and everything involved in its production. This total respect for nature and the environment will give you the joy to buy stylish items and wear/use them with LOVE.

D&V is mirroring to the world the best Italian-made pure quality products. Every artisan that represents D&V has a beautiful story, great experience and a shared passion for people and planet! Every piece has a big work behind it and a clear destination. Each piece is created for that particularly stylish woman and you can be that woman!

High fashion, a humane attitude, fair prices and more are what you can find at D&V. Want to be the first in line to get your hands on Dolce & Vivace products? Click here and subscribe to their email list to jump the line!